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An all-in-one management software for your non-profit organization

How can Membition's easy-to-use software help grow your nonprofit?



Each module operates independently yet a whole; add additional modules as required.


Take charge of your organization's individuality. Adapt quickly to your organization's changing environment through our customizable tools, forms and reports.


Membition grows with your growth. Our features can support organizations of any size.​


Quick onboarding, short learning curve, our platform is geared to provide a good return on investment.​


We take security very seriously and have invested in the best of breed back-end 

technologies that provide database scalability, redundancy, and high availability.


Integration with top online payment processors to accept your payments online.​


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Simple Yet Powerful Management Portals

Our management portals make it easy to stay connected with members and volunteers as well as plan events for your nonprofit. 


Customizable Email Automation 

Quickly reach your target audience with built-in email tools to aide with registration, welcome notes, event reminders, and thank you letters.

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Effortlessly set up registration forms, automate receiving payments, and eliminate paper-based forms to maximize your non-profits efficiency

Membership Management

Create multiple forms for special events or day-to-day functioning and access your volunteer database to efficiently find available members

Volunteer Management

Create events and manage every aspect from marketing and registration to receiving payments and sending follow up emails

Event Management

Add potential members to email lists using our subscriber module and send emails to individuals or targeted audiences within your organization

Email Marketing

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